Embark on a sensorial journey with Lattafa Asad Eau de Toilette, a captivating fragrance launched in 2021. This gourmand-spicy blend marries spicy black pepper, rich coffee, and intense tobacco notes, showcasing a symphony of olfactory delights. Ideal for cooler climates, it unfolds into a luxurious fusion of juicy pineapple, woody iris, and soapy patchouli as the top notes gracefully dissipate. The allure deepens in the base notes, where a harmonious interplay of powdery amber, spicy vanilla, and delicately caramelized benzoin captivates the senses. Infused with dry wood and the bitterness of labdanum, Lattafa Asad leaves a lasting impression, embodying a sophisticated blend that lingers with warmth and allure. Immerse yourself in the unique charm of Lattafa Asad, an expression of individuality and sophistication.

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